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Our Family
Paul, Lara, Chantel, JD, Lou and Reece

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  • We love animals especially our 2 cats(Mulix & Charly) and 2 dogs(William & Blitz)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


We had a cool night on saturday, I was hoping to take my son with us but he was other wise engaged. Not to worry tho there is always next time. I sat and enjoyed the music and watching Paul dance like a nutta for 3-4 hours non-stop. That man has stamina lol.we got home and went to bed for well no need to go into all the details but lets just say we didnt end up on a good note, My hip popped out of socket! badly, Its not good at all when 2 consenting adults cannot get "at it" without popping a socket.
I have tried to get around but this time its BAD, usually the hip that pops out the most is my right one, this time its my left hip.I did go and get X-rays a few weeks ago but like I said to my GP "I doubt it will show anything" but she sent me anyway and guess what.. nothing abnormal detected. ERM excuse me I told you that.. I need a scan not an xray.. but hey what do I know, its not like any of the GP's I have seen actually have read up on EDS or want to listen to me when I explain these things.My back is also really bad, it feels like I keep catching bone against bone and its so painful it makes me feel sick, I do have scoliosis so should go and get it looked at, but then I think well why Lara, the DR will tell me " Yes we know you have scoliosis there is nothing we can do" GRRRRRR SOMEBODY LISTEN TO ME!!!SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! I dont really have anyone to talk to about it which can be very hard. Paul is great but too protective and does not understand that YES I know I have to rest, but I dont want to do nothing for the rest of my life, I dont see much of my family but am around Pauls family alot.Pauls sister Elaine is about the only person who has taken the time to read up on EDS or who is interested in listening. Most of the others tell Paul to stop going on about it, or roll there eyes thinking "here we go again"(Thats where I get flashbacks of feeling like everyone is thinking "HYPOCONDRIACH") They dont understand that Paul has alot to deal with on a daily basis and this is not going away. at this point I am very low and feeling like I have knowhere to turn,
I hate being me, I hate my body, I hate the way I think and I HATE EDS.


  1. I know exactly what you're going through. I find it very hard to get my point across to family members, even if they do see me on a regular basis; and doctors, even the ones I've been going to for years. I work with my mom, and if I don't downplay my injuries, she'll burst into tears everytime I fall down, or dislocate something, because she feels guilty for giving me EDS. Then she doesn't see how badly it effects me, because I'm constantly downplaying it, and she thinks that I'm mostly fine, with a few bad days thrown in. The reality is that I'm mostly bad, with a few horribly unbearable days thrown in...

    Sending hugs and happy thoughts in your direction!

  2. Thank you, I know about downplaying ;o(. I would not be allowed out of my bed if Paul new half of it.

  3. Subluxing hips when we're "at it" is the cruelest joke. Its like EDS has looked for all the best aspects of life and then stolen them away. The only time I've had pain/subluxing free sex in the last twelve months is when I've munched half a gram of mdma, which is great fun until the comedown, and then the horrifying pain and swelling. Truth be told, I'd do it again, although I pay for it, it feels like giving the finger to EDS.

    I havent been out socialising/pub etc for the last seven months, I just cant face being knocked over, always hunting for a chair, and loosing it because everyone goes for a fag every twenty mins, and downplaying standing on a subluxing hip and hyperextended knee because I dont want to be a pain. So I bought myself a cane with go faster stripes on it, thinking it would help me to balance without gaining stability from ligaments at their end of range. Problem is I'm too embarrased to use it, even though the thought of going out with my friends fills me with dread about the latency/after effects.

    I join you in your hatred of EDS, its a fucking joke.