Our Family

Our Family
Paul, Lara, Chantel, JD, Lou and Reece

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  • All of us love music of all kinds
  • Anti Whaling. We support "Sea Shepherd"
  • Camping
  • Chantel - Modeling
  • Chantel - Modified cars and attending events Modeling
  • Discovery Channel lol
  • Festivals
  • JD - Cycling
  • Lara - Making bead jewellery
  • Lara - Reading
  • Lou - The World Wide Web
  • LOVE
  • Motorbikes
  • Paul & JD - Cars - classic and modified
  • Paul - Making everyone laugh. lol
  • We love animals especially our 2 cats(Mulix & Charly) and 2 dogs(William & Blitz)

Friday, 23 July 2010

My hobby.

I have a couple of hobbies, I like to crochet but am not very good at it as I do not know how to cast off, so my blanket is getting rather large now lol, but I also like to make beaded jewellery. Recently I started using chain too, but still learning all the time. This week I decided to try and make a support for my knuckle using my beading and chain technique. It turned out quite pretty and even I was impressed, then Paul and I were having a silly moment and we were mucking about and I went to slap his hand mucking about (as I am not really a violent person lol) well I missed his hand and hit the cupboard. At this point we are not sure if my finger is dislocated/subluxated or broken!! as I am still learning how my body reacts I really have no idea what I have done lol, but anyway the point is now that I was hoping to show off my great design tomorrow at the Prodigy concert! but now it does not fit...aaarrghhhh!!! My finger is too swollen. So this is just a typical day in the life of EDS lol. Think it is my silliest injury to date...oh apart from when I dislocated my shoulder waving to the butcher a couple of years ago lmao!

Would love to hear about your silliest but annoying pops clicks and dislocations lol.

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  1. So I have been testing out the design on the piece of Jewellery in the photo and I need to make a few changes. I think it is not going to be easy. But I love a challenge. It definately needs to be more comfortable on the finger. I am thinking of looking into using thong and other materials too. I am determined to make something comfortable for me to wear that does not look like a bandage or medical anything.There is nothing I can do about wheelchairs, crutches or walking sticks except decorating them..which I am quite happy doing and enjoy doing things like that. I just dont want to use them lol...