Our Family

Our Family
Paul, Lara, Chantel, JD, Lou and Reece

Our Passions and likes

  • All of us love music of all kinds
  • Anti Whaling. We support "Sea Shepherd"
  • Camping
  • Chantel - Modeling
  • Chantel - Modified cars and attending events Modeling
  • Discovery Channel lol
  • Festivals
  • JD - Cycling
  • Lara - Making bead jewellery
  • Lara - Reading
  • Lou - The World Wide Web
  • LOVE
  • Motorbikes
  • Paul & JD - Cars - classic and modified
  • Paul - Making everyone laugh. lol
  • We love animals especially our 2 cats(Mulix & Charly) and 2 dogs(William & Blitz)

Friday, 30 July 2010

An honest Blog!!

So the last few weeks have been "not too good!"Pain has been really bad and been on my crutches for about a month, I will not use my wheel chair unless it looks funky at least, but I would rather not get it out from the cupboard at all. I have been getting Dizzy now when I put my arms up or sometimes if I look up slightly too much, So how have I dealt with it??? by moaning and feeling sorry for myself. I am probobly drinking too much too, at least I can sometimes blame my dizziness and wobbles on something else for a change!. But I have been there before. Once an addict always an addict.(maybe I will discuss that at a later date) And I feel with EDS, Chronic pain syndrome etc you are not really left with much of a choice what with being on so many types of medications.
On a good note I went to the Prodigy concert, Pendulum were there amongst other bloody awesome artists. I had a couple of real special friends there with me too, it reminded me of the good ole days, but at 1 point I did get upset when my friend asked someone to just note I was there and he replied " I didnt expect there to be an obsticle there" I dont suppose he meant to upset me , but it did and I teared up for a very brief minute...but NOOOO you will not get me down!! ignorance is bliss eh!
I had a great time with some great people. You know who you are guys. x thank you.
And thank you to my man Paul who has been exceptionally patient with my lately. I love you hun x

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