Our Family

Our Family
Paul, Lara, Chantel, JD, Lou and Reece

Our Passions and likes

  • All of us love music of all kinds
  • Anti Whaling. We support "Sea Shepherd"
  • Camping
  • Chantel - Modeling
  • Chantel - Modified cars and attending events Modeling
  • Discovery Channel lol
  • Festivals
  • JD - Cycling
  • Lara - Making bead jewellery
  • Lara - Reading
  • Lou - The World Wide Web
  • LOVE
  • Motorbikes
  • Paul & JD - Cars - classic and modified
  • Paul - Making everyone laugh. lol
  • We love animals especially our 2 cats(Mulix & Charly) and 2 dogs(William & Blitz)

Saturday, 31 July 2010


Today is not a good day. Its now 14;30 on a saturday afternoon and I am still in bed. My back, my hips and my calves are throbbing/pulsating with pain, am just waiting for my shoulder to join in like my finger just has :o(.
I am also very moody and maybe a bit tearfull too. That could also be due to my little girl going away to the Grand Canaries for 2 weeks lol.. I told her I am physically able to bend myself enough to go in her suitcase, but NO she would not have it lol. She is now nearly 13 and I think I am the last person she would want tagging along with her and her friends,Its so surreal watching her grow into a young lady, moods changing taste in clothes etc.(Sometimes it is real hard work!)She even hates me on occasion now too. I remember that one with me and my poor Mum.

I had so many things planned to do today as my new rule is to achieve at least 1 thing a day (although I would secretly like to have achieved 100 things today!)
I have been "Spring Cleaing" I can be a bit of a hourder so am being very brutal. The less thngs I have the easier it will be to keep the place tidyer.. see there is a method to my madness I hear a tidy home means a tidy mind... oh dear he he my mind must be really messed up, lol not really, its not that bad lol.

Am hoping by the end of today I feel at least a bit happier but the thought of staying in bed all day does not sound too exciting does it.M\aybe I can get on with adjusting the new jewellery design I am working on. But first a little sleep I think.

I hope to start hearing from fellow EDS/POTs patients and their carers or families as I think its "Good to talk" anyhoo going to have some ZZZZzz's this has made me tired.

Friday, 30 July 2010

An honest Blog!!

So the last few weeks have been "not too good!"Pain has been really bad and been on my crutches for about a month, I will not use my wheel chair unless it looks funky at least, but I would rather not get it out from the cupboard at all. I have been getting Dizzy now when I put my arms up or sometimes if I look up slightly too much, So how have I dealt with it??? by moaning and feeling sorry for myself. I am probobly drinking too much too, at least I can sometimes blame my dizziness and wobbles on something else for a change!. But I have been there before. Once an addict always an addict.(maybe I will discuss that at a later date) And I feel with EDS, Chronic pain syndrome etc you are not really left with much of a choice what with being on so many types of medications.
On a good note I went to the Prodigy concert, Pendulum were there amongst other bloody awesome artists. I had a couple of real special friends there with me too, it reminded me of the good ole days, but at 1 point I did get upset when my friend asked someone to just note I was there and he replied " I didnt expect there to be an obsticle there" I dont suppose he meant to upset me , but it did and I teared up for a very brief minute...but NOOOO you will not get me down!! ignorance is bliss eh!
I had a great time with some great people. You know who you are guys. x thank you.
And thank you to my man Paul who has been exceptionally patient with my lately. I love you hun x

Friday, 23 July 2010

My hobby.

I have a couple of hobbies, I like to crochet but am not very good at it as I do not know how to cast off, so my blanket is getting rather large now lol, but I also like to make beaded jewellery. Recently I started using chain too, but still learning all the time. This week I decided to try and make a support for my knuckle using my beading and chain technique. It turned out quite pretty and even I was impressed, then Paul and I were having a silly moment and we were mucking about and I went to slap his hand mucking about (as I am not really a violent person lol) well I missed his hand and hit the cupboard. At this point we are not sure if my finger is dislocated/subluxated or broken!! as I am still learning how my body reacts I really have no idea what I have done lol, but anyway the point is now that I was hoping to show off my great design tomorrow at the Prodigy concert! but now it does not fit...aaarrghhhh!!! My finger is too swollen. So this is just a typical day in the life of EDS lol. Think it is my silliest injury to date...oh apart from when I dislocated my shoulder waving to the butcher a couple of years ago lmao!

Would love to hear about your silliest but annoying pops clicks and dislocations lol.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Ok, So I am trying to have "more of a life"! Sounds Great. But you never know what could happen lol. Yesterday I decided we would borrow Paul's Dad's work Van take the dogs Amber, and one of Amber's friends to the Woods for the night and sleep in the van.(the random part lol) So after we pack my crutches enough bedding that I wont notice that I was sleeping on a "blow up bed" medication, etc etc etc we arrive at the woods when the weather man says "its going to rain" GREAT we thought but decided to stay anyway. We ended up having a great time really really enjoyed ourselves, the dogs were even quite well behaved. Toasted marshmallows too mmmm mmmm. And it DIDNT rain. So I said to Paul what a lovely time we had had and not too much pain or body trouble. Then on the way into Paul's Dad's house this morning "THUD" collapse! I am on the doorstep turning green. My hip had finally decided to "POP" back into place properly. OMG the pain this time made me feel so sick. Its not that popping back into socket is a bad thing but the pain is soooo intense.Hence I am now sat down with my leg up writing this because I am P....d off. Why can I not just have 1 just 1 day free of pain or popping, it puts a right downer on everything I try and do. In 2 weeks there is a great free event on that I really dont want to miss now I have this "I must do more" attitude. So whats the problem you say well I just found out to get to the event I will need to make my way accross fields and nature trails..
Erm Hmm. PIGGY BACK time I think lol. I just dont feel that life is fair. Yes I am in a bum mood but I want a life! thats how I feel right now.So there lol