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Our Family
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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Not a happy Bunny!

Right now I have been in bed for the last 5 days and nights Sunday - Thursday so far. All because I wanted to go out to a festival! I thought I was being prepared and sensible, made sure I took my crutches etc so I didnt tire my legs to quick and once I arrived I pretty much sat down and just enjoyed the music, By the time I left though I had passed out in pain. NOT GOOD!I feel like its just not fair and no matter what I do I cant have a life...I know this is not true, and I understand that this is a "Bad Day" but like I said earlier pain plays with your mind and negativity seeps in sometimes..
I have symptoms in:-

 Skin
 Neck,
 Spine,
 Back,
 Shoulders,
 Elbow,
 Wrists,
 Hands,
 Fingers,
 Thumb,
 Hips,
 Pelvis,
 Legs,
 Knees,
 Ankles,
 Feet,
 Toes,

Most of my issues are-

 Tendonitis in one of my elbows
 Dislocation of my joints the worst are my shoulders, fingers, and toes.
 Subluxation of my joints ,meaning almost dislocating, but not completely the worse ones are hips, shoulder,thumb,toes and fingers
 Thin skin that scars easily
 Stretch marks (I hate them so much, makes me sad)
 Long healing times.
 Scoliosis in back / Curvature of the spine.
 Insomnia
 Decreased sexual drive/Increased sexual drive (due to combo of EDS, chronic pain, mania and depression from bipolar disorder)
 Personality disorder
 Irritability
 Being unreasonable
 Memory Loss
 Anxiety
 Fatigue
 Bruxism (grinding of teeth, especially at night),
 Joint dislocation during sleep
 Carpel tunnel
 Knee: recurrent patellar dislocation (knee-cap dislocating)
 Weak ankles, dislocate sometimes, pop/click always, pain after standing/walking, I roll on them regularly,
 Feet (roll inwards naturally)
 Pain in most of my muscles due to joint stiffness.
 Muscle Spasms
 Tachycardia (crazy heart palpitations)
 Orthostatic hypertension (blood pressure lowers when changing positions, moving)
 Dizziness / Passing out
 Severe headaches
 Migraines (with nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, spotty vision, pain),
 Astigmatism (slight)in both eyes, need glasses for reading, computers, dimly lit rooms, Cinema, etc.
 Gum disease
 Mild asthma
 IBS and other gastrointestinal problems
 Occasional kidney infection
 Everything scars
 Definitely have issues with the sleep.
 Mood
 Energy cycle
 Mania (extreme enthusiasm, energy, passion, easily distracted, irritable, mean)
 Depression (no motivation, sleep too much, withdrawn, sadness, despair)
 Suicidal thoughts (at worst times)
 Nightmares
 Night-sweats

The frustrating part of all this is that I was once a promising Gymnast and enjoyed sports acrobatics I competed for England my County and others and gained awards and medals for my achievements. (My mind says "Now look at me" and I get sad again)I quit Gymnastics at 13 after 10 years of having my "backside in the air" lol as my mum said, due to my back giving out( Mum thinking I had ripped yet another School skirt when she heard the RIIIIPPPP>, but no. It was my back that time. I was a flexible thing growing up so we thought it would pass and all the weird pains I felt were just injuries or muscle strains. I got so many of them while training it was hard to believe I was REALLY hurting that much, I was always so strong.

I think Mum just thought I liked to wear bandages. I even hid them in my bag so I didn’t have to explain myself to Mum when I was in pain I would leave the house get around the corner and bandage my limbs when needed on the way to school, She thought I was a Hypochondriac. In the end so did I. Sometimes Paul and I argue now because I get angry and say that it is all in my head. I know it is not! We both do. In these blogs I hope you get some kind of understanding. It’s not easy to explain how you can go to sleep feeling one kind of pain but wake up feeling another, but always having pain has its effects on your mind, it gets you down and frustrated.